Camille Pacori

Interior Decorator

From a very young age the passion for art and design was very prominent in my life. Drama, sculpting and music classes are only a couple examples of how my days were spent, which never quite seemed like enough. Since I was always wanting more the decision was made that I would continue my career path in that direction.

After graduating from Bow Valley College with an Interior Decorating and Merchandising diploma I was hired and currently work for a window and door distributor as a design assistant. I am very happy to be working in the housing industry and love seeing my clients happy at the end of the day.

Year One

Since I am new to the blogging world I want to use this opportunity to fine tune my eye for design and creativity. It will also allow me to try new and different things that I may not have done before having this blog . This a medium for me to express myself.

I plan on writing about colour, style, furniture, upcycling and art . I have been eyeing a couple DIYs and craft projects that I would like to attempt and share with you my success's  and failures. Since I am just starting out I am not particularly sure which direction my blog will take but I know it will be a fun and bumpy ride.


Space is the breath of art.
— Frank Lloyd Wright