Centerpieces and table displays serve as a great focal point in the home whether its set on a small hutch or large dining room table. They can be easily redecorated for what ever holidays or special occasion that you are celebrating including Halloween! Add small touches with black candles and candy corn or go all out with a huge display including cobwebs, spiders and black roses. Here are a couple ideas to get the inspiration juices flowing.

Simple Touch of Halloween

If you don't want to go to the extreme but would like to add just a small flare of this holiday to your home do so with smaller less detailed elements. Combine black candles with a Halloween themed cut-out surrounded by candy corn. You really could use any type of cut-out and candy for this centerpiece.

Extravagant Glitter

If you want to make a huge statement choose extravagant decorations. Replace everything in the room including artwork to create an eerie atmosphere. Add cobwebs, spiders and toxic coloured skulls to set the mood but offset it with glittered pumpkins to appeal to all the senses.

Monotone Mummy

Combining black, white and grey make a beautiful and clean display which will go with any décor. The mummy theme is carried from the buffet to the dining table with the netted and ripped table runner. By choosing similar decorations, it will allow you to carry the theme seamlessly throughout the room.

Creepy and Crawly

Adding rubber snakes and spiders to glass jars will give the appearance of an apothecary's lab or witches potion room. You could even add coloured water to the jars for a preserved specimen...gross!


You may want your Halloween decorations to look good or compliment your current décor. This can be slightly difficult since Halloween colours are typically black, orange, purple and red. Stray away from traditional colours and choose decorations in the colours of your furniture, lighting fixtures and hardware for a complimentary match.

Word of the Day: Apothecary  

A historical name for a medical professional who formulates and dispenses medicine. 

AuthorCamille Pacori