After two full days of turkey, stuffing and gravy I feel like I need a break from all this talk about autumn and Halloween. Better yet, I feel as if I need a good long nap to recover from all of the food in a nice comfy bed. That is why I am going to talk about bed frames.

Choosing a Bed Frame and Head Board

The bedframe is not only the support for you bed but is a decorative focal point that can change the entire look of your bedroom. You want it to be strong and durable while reflecting your personal style.  

Platform Bed

A platform frame is a solid flat piece of material ( usually wood ) that the mattress rests on. It can sit directly on the ground or is raised up and you usually don't need a box spring with this type of frame as the platform serves this purpose. This produces a very minimalistic appearance with sleek and simple lines. Works well in contemporary or modern styled homes but can look equally striking in a rustic home.

Since there is no box spring, additional storage is available underneath this rustic platform bed.

This upholstered platform bed almost appears as if it is floating. The legs are set in so that there is no chance of stubbing your toe in the middle of the night.

Asian inspired artistic platform bed becomes the main focal point in this room. 

Canopy Bed

Traditionally, the frame for the canopy is attached to the base and fabric is draped from all four corners. You can also drape fabric from the ceiling to create the appearance of a canopy without having to commit to an entire frame.

The canopy and platform frame are combined into one unique, clean, and interesting bed.

More traditional canopy bed with full wooden frame.

A faux canopy is achieved by draping fabric from the ceiling which doubles as a head board. 

Upholstered Headboard

Upholstered headboards give the appearance of comfort.  Even though you rarely touch this part of the bed it is a good indicator of what you should expect when you crawl under the covers...pure relaxation! Not only do they look comfortable but they are stylish and go well with any style of home.

This tufted headboard is very elegant and It pulls the same colour onto the bed that is used throughout the room.

These tall upholstered headboards add height and a pop of colour to the room.  The same fabric is used along the bed skirt for a consistent look.

One large headboard spans the distance between both beds so as to look like one unit. Two separate headboards could have made the space look cluttered.

Word of the Day: Fabric Backing

An extra layer applied to certain fabrics made specifically for upholstering. 

AuthorCamille Pacori