The bedroom is a sanctuary that should be enjoyed. It is a calm and relaxing space but that doesn't mean you should settle for bland and boring colours. A great way to add an interesting element to your bedroom is by creating a feature wall. It can be done on any wall in the room but is usually the one the beds headboard sits against. Here are a couple of different materials and designs to get your inspiration flowing to create the perfect feature wall. 

Wallpaper Feature wall

Wallpaper is easy to apply and you could have the wall complete in an afternoon. Some styles even come pre glued that only require water to properly adhere to the wall with very little prep beforehand. Choose a heavily textured or bright and colourful paper in complimentary colours to make a dramatic statement.  There are even metallic or faux patterns available so the options are endless.

Wood Planks

Wood planks create a neutral feature wall which brings a natural rustic element to the room. You can pull the flooring up onto the wall or use a similar colour to give the appearance of a larger space. Choose pre-stained or unfinished boards and nail them to the wall and even consider using reclaimed planks as they add a charm that is hard to find.

Stone Wall

Stone is a very unique material to use on a feature wall. It can be warm or cold, jagged or smooth but it always has an earthy appeal about it.  A lot of visual interest is achieved when lighting fixtures are pointed at this wall as each stone catches the light differently. Do keep in mind that furniture cannot sit directly against the wall and paintings are harder to hang because of the texture.

Upholstered Wall Tile

Upholster rectangular pieces of plywood or particle board with batting and your fabric of choice. Match other element in the room choose a completely different colour. You don't have to go crazy with colour, texture or pattern for this feature wall to stand out.

Word of the Day: Pattern Match ( in upholstering )

The layout of fabric pieces so that pattern flows unbroken across seams. 

AuthorCamille Pacori