A well dressed bed is the focal point in any bedroom which can set the stage and mood for the rest of the décor. It can be light and fluffy or rich and heavy, overstuffed or sparse. While this task might be a little baffling, there are a couple fail safe tips that you can follow to achieve the beautiful and inviting bed you have always wanted  

Consider all Components and functionality

While you may love the layered look of a sheet, comforter, coverlet and throw blanket it may be more than what you need. Add layers only if you know you will use them because they will get tossed aside and eventually wont make it back on the bed in the morning. Choose to add one additional layer like a throw blanket at the end of the bed just in case on those really cold nights. It will less likely be thrown aside at night and is easy to place back on. Decorative pillows are a little bit different since they really are not meant to be slept on. They can add additional support when you read or watch TV in bed so they serve more purposes than just visual. Decorative pillows are also incredibly easy to prop back on the bed in the morning.

Layered Pillows, textures and colours

When layering decorative pillows put the largest at the back and the smallest up front. This creates an even and visually pleasing arrangement; nothing is blocked and everything can be seem standing at the foot of the bed. Each layer should be a different colour, texture or pattern to add interest and variation. Pull colours or fabrics from other parts of the room so that everything ties together in unison.

Consider the Bedspread and surrounding details

The bedspread, duvet cover or coverlet is the largest visual space on your bed so it is important to choose one that will work well with all surrounding items and décor. If your room is quite reserved with solid neutral colours choose a bedspread with pattern and colour. If your room is busy, bright and colourful decide on a bedspread in a solid colour or simple pattern or texture. Following these simple tips will help you to reach your final goal of a beautiful, well dressed bed.

Word of the Day: Coverlet

A lightweight bed topper designed more for decoration than warmth.  

Happy Decorating! 

AuthorCamille Pacori