The modern bedroom is a multipurpose space used for more than just sleeping. It can include anything from a separate sitting or reading space, a desk or home office and even a makeshift craft area. With the array of possible combinations and elements in the bedroom, lighting can be a tricky component to tackle.

The bedroom should be a relaxing space with soft warm lighting to help melt the stress away and you don't want to end the day with a bright light in your eyes. Finding the right balance and placement of fixtures will allow you to have the best of both worlds. A spa like bedroom with the backbone of a hardworking office.

Ambient Light Fixtures

When choosing an ambient light consider a fixture that will give you a medium amount of light, not too dim but not blinding. You should be able to see what you are doing when getting ready in the morning but you wont want to use this as you main reading or working light as your eyes might strain. If possible find a fixture which includes a dimmer switch. That way you could turn it down just before bed or you could turn it up when your looking for you favourite shirt.  

A good choice would be a chandelier, single fixture with a shade or a dome light. The fixture will be even more relaxing If the bulb is shaded as the light is softer and easier on the eyes.

Bed Lights and Table Lamps  

The lights that you put on either side of the bed are usually the last thing you turn off just before closing your eyes. They can either be purely for the ambience or used as a reading or task light.  If you are placing these lamps on a side table choose one with a shade that directs the light down and make sure the bulb is not visible. If you do a lot of reading in bed find a lamp that swivels and moves up and down so that no matter what position you are in you can comfortably see your book. You can always combine both and have a wall lamp for reading and a table lamp for ambience. Layered lighting is visually appealing and is more likely to function well to cover all your needs.

Desk Lighting

Desk or work station lighting should be bright and direct and it should be pointed towards what you are working on.  If you are limited on space and have your desk right next to your bed use the swivel wall or table lamp for both applications. If the desk is far enough away from the bed, you will then need a separate light as the ambient light fixture will not be sufficient enough.

Word of the Day: Fresnel

A lens with raised circular outer ridges used to focus the light beam.

Happy Decorating! 

AuthorCamille Pacori