Using permanent makers or felts to draw faces and designs onto pumpkins, gourds and squash is a great alternative to carving. This is the perfect way to get into the spirit of the season if carving a pumpkin is not your strongest talent or if you would like to stay away from the mess and time it takes to properly clean out and carve a pumpkin. It is also fun and safe for children as no knives are involved. Another positive is these will take longer to turn bad.

Find permanent markers in an array of colours or stick with black and draw any design or face onto your pumpkin. You could also use washable marks which are great for the kids but may rub off easily ( I didn't try these so I am not certain ). I particularly like this technique for the really small pumpkins as they are impossible to carve as it is.


What you want to do is find a couple pumpkins that you want to draw on. They can be any size but if you decide on a large pumpkin choose to use a larger marker. Next, wash the pumpkin really well. Any dust, dirt or wax that is on the surface will either gum up your felt or the marker wont stick very well and may rub off.


I decided to use the small pumpkins only because they are super cute and I may want to carve the larger one. Check out my other pumpkin carving HERE. If you are not sure what design to do start with pencil and once you have your design figured out draw over the lines with marker.

Lace Pumpkin

I started with a lace design.  It didn't turn out perfect but I love the black against the orange.


Spider Web Pumpkin

I then used the natural grooves in the pumpkin as the base for my spider web. This turned out really well as it looks like the web is draped over the top.  


Funny Faces

The funny faces are my favourite pumpkins. They were easy to do and look adorable. These would also look great in other colours or metallic felts.


Happy Drawing! 

AuthorCamille Pacori