Do you longingly look through home magazines dreaming to one day have a picture perfect bedroom or living room? While these rooms look great they can lack personal flavour. Colours, décor and furniture may be slightly off from what you are looking for and the chosen artwork maybe leave a less than sweet taste in your mouth. You can achieve a beautiful room similar to the rooms laid out in these magazines by adding and choosing finishing touches that mean something personal to you.

 These smaller items are what lets your personal flare shine through and can double as a focal point. I will be covering a couple different personal touches this week that you can easily incorporate into any room and style.

Choosing Wall Art

Everyone is drawn towards a particular type of art whether it is abstract, impressionist, surreal or realistic etc. That doesn't mean that your preferred art will work in every type of situation so it is important to look at many different aspects of the piece. First, look at the colours and shapes within the painting and then notice how it makes you feel. Some colours may be conflicting in certain spaces and a piece which puts you into deep thought would work best in an office but maybe not a child's play room. While it is important that the art will work within your home it is also important that it means something deeper to you.

Don't choose an art piece simply because it looks nice or that the colours match. It should be something that grabs your attention right away so much that you cant stop looking at it. Deep personal attachment and understanding should be present with the sensation of being able to relate.

Where to Find Art

You can find any print online or in any home store and if you go this route I do recommend that you have it framed. While I have nothing against prints there is something magical about an original hand painted piece. I am not talking about looking for a $700k original painting but something more affordable that anyone could attain.

Start by visiting your local flea market. You may be able to find second hand or new paintings and artwork which could range anywhere from $20-$300 They may need a good dusting and a new frame but can look surprisingly good. Next, check local craft and art sales which usually happen before or during seasonal holidays. Going this route supports local artists and is great for the community. Art schools and some high schools will also have an annual art sales for pieces that really are one of a kind.

If you are still having trouble finding the perfect piece, some furniture and décor stores will have authentic reproductions which look almost exactly like originals. These also usually cost more than locally found pieces.

If you have any artistic inclination you could also create your own art piece or frame and hang your child's finger paint picture. These truly do hold the most meaning behind them.

Word of the Day: Impressionist Art

Characterized by small and thin brush strokes with emphasis on accurate depiction of light.

Happy Decorating! 


AuthorCamille Pacori