Area rugs can help to define a space. They pull all surrounding elements into one cohesive area and add a certain level of warmth and comfort to your room. It not only feels good under foot but it can also ground the room which is essential for a comfortably cozy and well balanced space. To find the perfect area rug for your home there are a couple things to carefully consider before starting your search.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Area Rug


Different materials, height of the pile and the particular weave will all wear at different rates so it is best to choose an area rug to suite your lifestyle. If you love to entertain often, have children or rambunctious pets a low-pile tightly woven rug is a recommended choice. They are easy to vacuum, spot clean and stand up better to daily wear which means you will be able to enjoy it in your home for longer. Shag carpet in particular may be tempting for a dog to chew on or may even be used as a make shift scratching post for your new kitten. Not all low pile tightly woven rugs will be safe from pets if the materials used are also tempting. A woven jute or sisal rug may also be viewed as a scratching post since most cat condos use this type of material.

If there is no worry of extreme wear then by all means indulge in something with a high pile. They feel extremely comfortable under foot and there is something so luxurious about the way they look. Used best in a relaxing sitting or living room.

Location and Purpose

The location and purpose of an area rug usually go hand in hand. One placed at the front entrance should be welcoming yet durable. Wet and muddy boots, small rocks, leaves and grass will end up on these rugs so they should be able to take a beating. It will also likely need to be replaced often so find something reasonably affordable. The concern and purpose of a rug placed in a formal living room is more likely to be about overall design, colour and shape since they do not require the same level of durability.

I have compiled a short list of what types of area rugs work best in particular areas of the home. 


These are usually smaller rectangular rugs which cover a good portion of the flooring at the entrance. Never cover the entire floor in a room with a rug as this can make the space look cramped or cluttered. The flooring should frame the rug to create a focal point.

  • Low-pile
  • Tight weave
  • Durable   
  • Easy to Clean
  • Affordable  
  • Replaceable  

Dining Room

  • Colourful pattern to easily hide stains ( do not choose white or cream )
  • Avoid shag as this is harder to slide over with your chair
  • Easy to clean
  • Pile height doesn't matter as much since there is very little walking traffic

Living and Sitting Rooms

You could probably choose what ever works best in the space since this is a low traffic area.


Decide first if you want an area rug to go under the entire bed or beside. If it goes under it should be large enough to stick out approximately 2-3 feet on both sides and at the foot of the bed. If you choose something for beside you could really choose what ever your heart desires. It could be any size and shape as long as your feet are warm when you get out in the morning.

Word of the Day: Tufted Rug

Made by pushing yarn through a mesh with a needle or gun.  

Happy Decorating! 

AuthorCamille Pacori