Mirrors serve multiple purposes. While they are usually associated with getting ready in the morning and are essential for knowing how you look they can also be used as a finishing décor element to compliment any room. A large mirror will open up the space and make the room appear larger whereas smaller mirrors will add an interesting reflective detail.

Leaning Floor Mirrors

By placing a tall full length mirror on the floor and leaning it against the wall it allows you to get a full view of your self so you can see your outfit for the day. This is great for front entrances so you can see how you look just before leaving or guests can fix their hair and adjust their clothes just as they come inside. Choose heavy or thicker frames for a dramatic focal point.

Oversized Mirrors

A mirror that covers the entire wall or at least most of it will give the appearance of a larger room. It opens up or expands the space which can give an airy and un-cramped feel even if the room is small.

This mirror below makes this dining room look like it extends past the wall. The frame even appears to be an architectural arch that was built in.

Layered Mirrors

Layering mirrors is something you don't see very often as it is unconventional. But by doing so you are able to create depth which is harder to achieve with mirrors. Choose a decorative framed mirror and place it overtop a flat frameless mirror for a unique and interesting element. This is a subtle yet elegant.

Antiqued Mirrors

Antiqued mirrors add an aged old world charm. They can either be found at flea markets or be created using muriatic acid, sand paper and gold spray paint. Combine them with other mirrors, décor and warm lighting fixtures to create a chic and pretty space.

Word of the Day: Diffuse Reflection

When rays of light reflected from a rough surface go in many different directions that no clear image is formed. 

Happy Reflecting! 

AuthorCamille Pacori