A collection can be anything from a couple valuable antiques to a large array of trinkets. While they are typically based on one type of item they can also be loosely based around one collective idea like a time era or toys. They hold more personal value than the money they are worth and can grow to an impressive size which at times can be a little overwhelming on space.

If you are thinking of setting up a display to show off your collection there are a couple things to consider before doing so. Where you decide to display your collection, how much you plan on showing and how personal the objects are will determine the best way to display your collection.

Where to Display Your Collection

Some collections may or may not be appropriate for particular rooms so pay attention what it is that you are displaying. Prize hunting horns, stuffed animals and guns may not be the best collection for a dining room but would look awesome in an office or trophy room. China and dishes would on the other hand look ridiculous displayed in a master bedroom but would work in a kitchen or dining room. Display your collections in rooms where it makes the most sense.

Display on the Wall

Depending on what your collection consist of you could hang it on the wall. Use floating shelves or attach them directly to the wall. These toys have been placed on small individual shelves.

Display on Shelves

Shelving units or china cabinets make a great spot for displaying a collection. It can be reserved specifically for these items and can contain the collection into one space. With the photo below the most valuable items are placed behind the glass doors so that they are less likely to be touched.

Display In Jars

Small item collections can be combined into a clear jar or vase to be displayed as one piece of décor. This takes up very little space and can be easily moved if need be.

Size of Your Collection

If your collection is very large or could even take up an entire room it might be best to scale back what you plan on displaying. Choose the best and most prized pieces or the items you like the most to show off. If you try to put your entire collection on a shelving unit or along one wall this could potentially look cramped and messy. You want to highlight these valuable pieces and in this case less may be more.

On the other side of the coin a small collection would work best on a smaller shelf or table. A simple unassuming display case will accentuate the collection without taking away the focus.

Word of the Day: Amphora  

A large two handled vessel or vase with a narrow neck and oval body. 

Happy Collecting! 

AuthorCamille Pacori