I just wanted to share with you the next project that I am currently working on. My mother had a couple extra dining chairs kicking around that she wanted to refinish for when guests visit. Wanting to help I threw on some old paint clothes and headed over with my chalk paint recipe. I have been trying to turn her towards using chalk paint since my first time using it since it is so easy to work with, covers well and is very durable. I think by the time we are done refinishing these chairs she will be sold!

The chairs are quite beat up and need a full face lift with new paint and seat pad and cover. The cushion foam is completely flat, uncomfortable and the fabric is faded and stained beyond repair. The paint has held up fairly well but does not match my moms kitchen very well so we will be repainting with a dark chocolate colour.

Below you will see a very well used chair. 


Here is the back. You can see a couple of chips in the paint near the top.


Prepping the Chair for Paint

First we started by sanding the chair completely until there was no sheen on the paint any more. I always like sanding every piece even if its just a light once over. Doing this removes any dirt, residue and small surface flaws like paint drips. Next, wipe down the chair completely and clean the surrounding area of any sanding dust. If there is any dust left on the chair, that may mean the paint wont adhere very well. Once the chair has a clean surface you can then move on to the fun part...painting!

Painting the Chair

Make sure you have mixed up the chalk paint and your work station is ready as you don't want to stop half way through to grab something. We found it was easiest to start from the bottom and work our way up to the top but you could probably start where ever you want.  We only got around to doing one coat today and as you will see the coverage is pretty good. I suspect two, maybe three coats of paint will be perfect. After it is painted and has had at least three days of dry time we can then wax it for protection. I will keep you updated on the progress of these chairs.


Word of the day: Anchoring

Mechanical bonding of a coating to a rough surface. 

Happy Painting! 

AuthorCamille Pacori