The coffee table is the central piece which seating is placed around and it focuses your attention towards a specific area. It is a place to set your drink or snack while enjoying a good book or exciting movie. Often, beautiful décor adorns this surface along with keys, change and a collection of other items. When choosing a coffee table for your living room there are a couple important things to consider.

Size and Shape

You want the size of the coffee table to be relative to the surrounding furniture. A larger coffee table is recommended if you have an over stuffed and heavy sofa and vise versa. If the table is too small or too large it will look out of place and either cramp the area or it will be awkwardly floating in the middle of the room. The table height should also line up with the seat of the sofa.

Shape is just as important. Square tables work really well with L-shaped sectionals and longer rectangular or oval tables can go along a straight sofa. If you have a cluster of occasional chairs choose a single large or multiple smaller round tables for convenience and equal spacing.

While the shape of this coffee table already works really well in this space the ability of breaking it up into multiple pieces expand the functionality.  


If your coffee table is the central snack station for Monday night football or is a makeshift play table it would be best to choose a table that is durable, easy to clean, solid and heavy. Wood or metal would be your best choice; stay away from glass or an upholstered surface.  

This heavy rustic table is perfect for entertaining on. It is already beat up and aged so you will hardly notice any new scratches, gouges or stains.  

If you find seating limited choose a cushioned and upholstered ottoman as your coffee table. This can be used as a dual purpose piece of furniture as additional seating for extra guests. Use a food tray on the ottoman as a solid, sturdy surface for drinks and snacks.

Glass tables are great if you want them to blend into the surrounding flooring. Since they are clear they will hardly be noticed and can open up the space if the room is cramped. You have to be careful not to forget about these tables as they are easier to walk into or stub your toe on.


The style of the coffee table is just as important as the functionality and purpose. It should look good and compliment the surrounding sofa and chairs. Consider what type of room it will be going into and choose a table style similar so that it can be easily incorporated into the space. Make it the focal point in the room with texture and bright patterns or keep it reserved with neutral colours and simple lines.

Word of the Day: Corner Block

Triangular piece of wood used to reinforce joints in the wood frame. 

Happy Decorating! 

AuthorCamille Pacori