Living rooms more often than not are used as a multipurpose space. They are the main entertaining area, media room, library and make shift dining room. They get a lot of use and may be the one room you spend most of your time in. With all of the items that you use in your living room on a daily basis you may find it gets a little cluttered or messy. Finding simple and convenient ways of storing your extra blankets, pillows and TV remotes will help to keep your living room clean and uncluttered.  

Pesky Disappearing TV Remotes

TV remotes are always getting misplaced or falling into the deep depths at the bottom of the sofa. While a drawer is an ideal spot for them the chances that they will make it there is highly unlikely. They usually get thrown to the side which is why a box or high rimmed container that sits on your coffee table is a good solution. Anyone would be able to reach it so it will be accessible for all family members and is highly visible so it is less likely to get misplaced.

Mountains of Throw Blankets and Pillows

Do you have an abundance of blankets and throw pillows enough for your entire family and extra for guests? If you are like me and get cold easily there are chances you will have multiple different blankets within reach. While it is great to have them on hand, you may notice if they are not perfectly folded and tucked away they can create a messy appearance. One of the best solutions is a chest or a hinged storage ottoman. All you have to do is lift the lid, throw the blankets inside and call it a day. So simple and easy that no one can argue with tidying up the blankets.

Storage ottomans and coffee tables are not only good for blankets and pillows. You could place anything inside like movies, board games and toys. 

This large trunk duals as a coffee table and really neat storage solution.

Books, Books and More Books

If your living room duals as your library or you simply do not have any where else to put your book collection then a good sturdy book case is a must.  There is the option of installing a custom made build-in or a more reasonably price store bought shelf. Get creative, find something that suits your style and beautifully displays your books. I know that with ipads and tablets you are less likely to have a physical copy of the book but may mean there is more of a need for a phone and tablet charger/storage center.

Phone and Tablet Charging Center

Even though these items don't really create clutter they can get in the way If they are charging in an essential outlet. These wires can also look unsightly depending where they are. This may not be a huge deal to most but you can contain all charging plugins into one area which will leave outlets free and wires tucked away.

These centers are also great for all other small items like keys or glasses and may act as a catch all which will keep these things in one area.

Word of the Day: Sleep Sofa

A sofa that can be converted into a bed.  Those throw blankets would really be put to good use.

Happy Decorating! 

AuthorCamille Pacori