Lighting your fireplace will add warmth and create a relaxing atmosphere but you may not always want to go through all the work required to light a fire. By dressing the mantel or wall above the fireplace you can achieve the warm and inviting atmosphere that you will have every minute of the day. I have included some fireplace mantel inspirations that you can replicate or pull ideas from.

Family Comfort

This mantel highlights family but is kept simple by using black and white photos combined with neutral décor. It is beautiful for the fall season but could be used throughout the year by changing out a couple vases or ornaments.

Fall Harvest

A natural and earthy appearance is achieved by using harvest pumpkins and leaves. The painting complements the display perfectly as it pulls colours from every element directly around it. If you decide to use real pumpkins try not to forget about them as they will eventually turn.

Lots of Light

Combining many different candles in a similar colour creates a simply stunning mantel display. You could even line up candles of the same size and shape for an equally dramatic impression. If you are concerned about safety I recommend using realistic LED candle lights. You can get ones that actually flicker like a real candle without any possibility of a fire hazard.


You don't need to add a lot to make a statement.  A couple vases, a candle or two and a simplistic piece of art only adds to an already beautiful fireplace without cluttering it. If you find you are having trouble putting together the perfect mantel display try removing a couple items. Things can look out of place If to many different pieces are combined into one area.

Artwork and Mirrors

There usually is a lot of empty wall space above the mantel which can look bare. Fill this space with a large painting, poster or heavily framed mirror. This is a great way to add a pop of colour or focal point to the room especially if your mantel colour and wall colour are the same.

Word of the Day:  Andirons

Decorative horizontal iron bars inside the fireplace which the logs are laid upon. Also referred to as dogs or dog-irons.

Happy Decorating! 

AuthorCamille Pacori