While window treatments are essential for privacy they also add a decorative visual interest to the room. It is a finishing touch that when installed correct can create a grander appearance of a larger and heavier window which is beneficial for smaller rooms.  Layering shades, drapes and blinds will add intricacy and detail where there may not be much architectural features.

Since living rooms don't require the same level of privacy as a bedroom, you can have some fun with different materials, designs and combinations for a truly unique window treatment.

Living Room Window Treatment Inspiration

Don't be restricted to the old vinyl slatted blinds. Possibilities are endless so don't hold back from mixing fabrics, textures, patterns, materials and colours. Use this inspiration to get started.

Silky satin drapes combined with a textured bamboo roller shade. Since the colours are very similar it is the textural difference where visual interest is created. This is a great option if you want a neutral colour scheme or if you are hesitant to use different colours. When layering treatments make sure to use different colours, textures or patterns. The layers blend together if you use the same material on all. 


White clean shades crowned with a fabric valance.  The colour of the shade is pulled into the valance with the white flowers so the colours go very well together. This is a simple and easy design with added interest of the valance.

Top-down bottom-up shade.  Even though this is a single treatment, visual layers are created with the yellow trim. Great for privacy and natural light.

Not all windows are made the same and neither should window treatments. Choosing two different styles of treatments for one room works well if they are going over different types or shapes of windows. Uniformity is achieved in this room by using the same colour on the roman shade as it is on the drape.

Pocketing paneled window shades. A very contemporary and clean style of treatment. They can be completely pushed into a hidden pocket so they are not visible when you don't want them to be.

Word of the Day: Balloon Valance

A straight valance that is sewn with a pocket that can be filled with tissue paper to create a full and puff appearance.

Happy Decorating! 

AuthorCamille Pacori