Second Hand Furniture

Normally on the weekend I like to post two different projects that I have completed but instead I thought I would share my second hand furniture find with you. I went to my local Value Village thrift store in search of something small like a vase or décor that I could enhance. Not owning a vehicle large enough to transport bigger items I didn't have any hope for finding any furniture but decided to check this isle anyways. Thankfully I had because I stumbled across a very small occasional table. Another guy was eyeing it but as soon as he looked away I snatched it up and it is so small I was able to comfortably carry it through the store in one hand.


Being dirty and slightly horrific it was a far cry from anything I would put in my home but knew it had potential. Once it was sitting next to my sectional I knew it had to be turquoise with the possibility of silver leaf accents. This will take me a couple days to complete but plan to have it ready for you tomorrow.

Word of the Day: Silver Leaf

Silver that has been beaten to a very thin sheet used for decorations or accents. For the record I would be using an imitation silver leaf. 

Happy Shopping! 

AuthorCamille Pacori