Since finding out about and using chalk paint for the first time a couple months ago I have been wanting to paint with this wonderful product as much as possible. I haven't really had anything to paint so I was excited when I found this occasional table at a local second hand store.


As you can tell the top is quite beat up and needs some major attention to look good again. It is surprisingly strong and well made with some really neat details that I adore. I wanted to bring new life to this cute little table by adding some colour with a fresh coat of paint!


What you Need to Refurbish a Table

  • Latex paint of any kind
  • Sandpaper or sanding block
  • Separate container for the paint
  • Plaster of Paris ( for making chalk paint ) 
  • Utensils to stir
  • Paint brush
  • rag or tack cloth

Depending on how you would like to refurbish your furniture you may need different materials. I like using chalk paint because the prep is reduced, it is easy to work with, covers really well and I make my own to save a few dollars with this Chalk Paint Recipe.


First, I sanded the entire piece spending more time and attention on the top as it had received some water damage. Chalk paint bought from the store doesn't require sanding but I always like to give the piece a quick once over to ensure proper adhesion. Using a rag or tack cloth make sure to remove any sanding dust or dirt. I then applied three coats of paint but probably could have gotten away with only two but I prefer that you cant see any original colour underneath.

The colour is stunning and the texture from the chalk paint creates a lightly matte appearance. I want to add some silver leaf to the top but think I will save that for another night.


Let me know what you think and if you have ever worked with chalk paint. 

Word of the Day: Checking in paint

Tiny cracks that form in the paint which is usually caused by improper drying or an excessive amount of paint applied.

Happy refurbishing! 

AuthorCamille Pacori