Halloween is approaching fast so now may be the time to get started on decorating your home for the candy filled night. Whether you plan on hosting a party or handing out candy use these inspirations to create a perfectly haunting entry way or display. 

Spiders and Cobwebs

Nothing plays on the fears of arachnophobia quite like giant spiders and messy cobwebs. Use a couple bags of regular or glow in the dark cobwebs around the front entrance so that it gives the sensation of walking through spider webs. Deciding to use larger spiders not only looks good from the street but are equally creepy up close.

Formal Halloween Décor

If your planning a formal Halloween dinner party choose decorations that are simplistic and clean while saving the big googly eyed monsters for casual parties and gatherings. Black and white stripes, simple pumpkins and glittery cut-outs of bats and spiders are a stunning combination which would look good with any décor.   

Adding to Autumn Decorations

Sometimes all you need to do is add a couple specific items to your already fabulous autumn décor to create a Halloween atmosphere.  With the addition of a skull, pumpkin and the word BOO this display was transformed in three seconds flat.

Candy Corn Display

Since you will probably already have copious amounts of candy inside your home why not create a display with the very thing that Halloween celebrates. Fill crystal clear vases and jars with orange and black candy; this will serve a dual purpose since you can both admire and eat the display.


You can never really go wrong with pumpkins. Carve or paint, add glitter or stack in any combination to achieve a festive and seasonal display. Check out Pumpkin Centerpieces for more inspiration.

Word of the Day: Samhein

Known in Ireland as the Lord of Darkness. 

Happy Haunting! 

AuthorCamille Pacori