While perusing the internet I can across some really neat and interesting Halloween decorations that I wanted to share with you. Since this yearly celebration includes wacky costumes, spooky spiders and haunted houses you can easily add a couple of these decorations to truly enhance the festivities.

Black Cat Candle Holder

Not a traditional black cat by any means. The product of a Tim Burton Movie and Nickelodeon cartoon character combined into an equally weird, creepy and wonderfully pleasant cat. Add this candle holder to your table display, it will make a great conversation starter.

Jett Animated Singing Skeleton

Nothing will make quite the same statement as this rocking, singing and strumming skeleton. This fun animated decoration is a good addition to any party as it will lighten the mood and get people talking...and possibly singing and dancing.

Beverage Labels

I absolutely love these labels. They are an inexpensive enhancement which can be added to any bottle, jug or glass which will make you think you are mixing a special potion for your guests. While these are available for purchase you could always draw or print your own for next to nothing.

Spooky Decals

There are a number of different decal varieties, colours and sizes available . They can be applied in any arrangement or be put on any wall in the house to carry the theme throughout. Once the season is over you can carefully remove these without any damage done to your walls.

Doll Head Candle Holders

Okay...so these are already creepy enough without the candle. Think about it, ghostly white porcelain doll heads lining your mantel. But once you start burning the candles that's when the bat hits the ceiling. I don't need to say much more as the picture says it all.

Word of the Day: Bilocation

Appearing to be in two places at the same time. 

Happy Decorating! 

AuthorCamille Pacori