Finding inspiration for accessorizing your living room is around every corner. Flip through magazines, tour show homes and visit local furniture stores for immediate inspiration. Most of these places will have rooms already completely decorated and accessorized so you can pull directly from that. You can also find natural elements at the park, on the beach or in the forest. Quite a large number of accessories and décor are directly inspired by nature. I have provided you with some inspiration to get you started.

Accessorizing With Colour

Choose 2 or 3 different colours of accessories and décor that you will pull through out the room. This will tie all elements and pieces together . 

Themed Décor

All décor in one room can be centralized around one theme similar to this nautical ocean room.

Nature Inspired

Natural woods, textured wicker, grasses and potted plants bring the outdoors in. These elements do achieve a neutral pallet which creates a calm and spa like experience.

Beat up Rustic

Old beat up wood accessories, barn planks and second hand finds can create rustic cabin like appearance. Don't turn away items that may look less than perfect as these usually have the most character.

Mixing textures

Well layered décor is achieved by mixing different textures, sheens and materials. This technique is visually interesting, unique and can compliment any style.

Word of the Day: Faux Bois

Artistic imitation or wood and wood grain. Can be seen on anything from fabrics to wall paper. 

Happy Accessorizing! 


AuthorCamille Pacori