If you read yesterdays post you will know that my parents recently celebrated their Anniversary. It can be a little tricky finding something for both of them of equal value that they will appreciate but I think I succeeded this year.

As usual I got them a funny card and a nice box of chocolates to share. There were also these really cute coffee mugs that I found at Chapters which I knew they would love. I would say drinking coffee is a hobby of theirs so I know the mugs would get used daily. These joint gifts are great but I also like including a more personal item for each of them.

My dad loves reading, telling and laughing at jokes so I thought the Encyclopedia of Jokes would be the perfect gift. I suspect this will be read by next weeks end. My mom is easier to buy for since she likes things that I would like so I didn't want to just spend money on a gift. I decided to crochet her a beautiful turquoise scarf.


Crocheted Scarf

I used the Claudia Scarf pattern but made a couple modifications of my own. Using a worsted weight yarn with a 5.5mm crochet hook I only repeated the pattern four times. It ended up being quite wide and I could have probably only repeated it three times but was happy with how it finished.


I plan to take this newly acquired skill to make throw pillows and blankets but that will be a project for another day.

Word of the Day: Plarn

A word derived from the word plastic and yarn. Used to refer to plastic bags that have been cut up and repurposed to be used as yarn for knitting or crochet.

Happy Crocheting!

AuthorCamille Pacori