To Commemorate Remembrance Day what would be better than discussing the use of the colour red. Not only is it a symbol of remembrance for all of those who died but it a colour full of energy, passion and excitement. When used right it can add spice and warmth to any room.

Red can range from light pink, black blood to everything in-between and because of the vast varieties possible it can be incorporated into any room of any style. Depending on the intensity of the pigment it can be quite overpowering and dramatic so it would be best to balance it with complimentary greens or neutrals.

Red Walls

Red makes a great feature wall. By putting this colour on one wall it draws your attention towards a specific area without overpowering the entire room. This rule is especially important if there are other dramatic colours in the same room. The white walls, ceiling and bedspread in this room below are almost like a breath of fresh air in-between the dramatic colour. 

If you have your heart set on painting all four walls red then all other elements should be neutral.  You could also tone down the red with hits of the complimentary colour green. Granny smith apples or a bunch of leafy flowers would help to offset the intensity.

Red Décor

Since décor and accessories add approximately 10-20% of the colour to a room you could get away with choosing the brightest most intense red possible. It wont be overpowering or obnoxious since it is such a small amount of colour. You could also be more adventurous with the colour red since décor is fairly easy to change out if you decide you don't like it.  

These bright red wall sconces and throw blanket add just a touch of red to a neutral pallet.

Red Furniture

Choosing a red piece of furniture may be the most nerve racking thing one can do. It cant be easily changed once its bought and you may end up having that piece for an indefinite amount of time. That being said, it can be an exciting purchase which will create a beautiful statement. If you are hesitant to take the plunge, start with a smaller piece of furniture like a side table, hutch or even a sofa cover.

Word of the Day: Bureau

A chest of drawers used in a bedroom.  

Happy Decorating! 

AuthorCamille Pacori