The most important task of a light fixture is to produce light but they can also be decorative, colourful and interesting. There are more choices then ever before so choosing a light fixture or table lamp can be almost like selecting a piece of art. Here are five unique and interesting table lamps to start your search.

The Bel Occhio table lamp is an interesting globe light which adds a hint of red, orange and yellow to your space. This lamp can be found at Design Public.

The Clover Industrial table lamp is a rustic repurposed piece reminiscent of an old factory. The wire shade puts the bulb in full view so that no light is filtered out. You can find this lamp at Rejuvenation.

The Zuo Modern Pulsar table lamp looks almost as alien as the name sounds. Would work well in a contemporary or modern room with shiny metals and highly polished woods. This lamp is available at Modernist Lighting with many other modern lighting fixtures.

This lamp takes on many different characteristics. The glass lamp has a modern shape while the stand is industrial. It can be used in many different styles of rooms without looking out of place. The Murray Feiss 1 can be found at Chachkies.

This vintage styled lamp takes on a comteporary twist for a fun and interesting art piece. The Margaux table lamp can be aquired through Masins Fine Furnishings.

Word of the Day: Carbon Arc

An arc source in which the arc is formed in air between a pair of carbon electrodes.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori