Do you find that every closet in your home is cluttered and messy? Is it impossible to find exactly what you want or need when you open the doors to the black hole we call the closet? It is a part of the home that can be neglected since it is so easy to just close the doors and ignore the mess. You may even find yourself blindly throwing items on the shelves and walking away which can lead to misplaced shirts, broom pans or your favourite scarf. By following a couple simple organizational techniques you can easily keep all closets clean and tidy.

Storage Baskets

I have recently fallen in love with the concept of using baskets to control clutter and mess. They are inexpensive, come in every colour or style possible and can be used for any purpose. Assign a different basket for each type of item, for example a sock basket or a favourite scarf basket. If they have a lid they can also be stacked to utilize all possible storage space, just make sure to put the items used less often on the bottom.

Pull-Out Belt Bar

This pull out bar can be tucked away deep within your closet and since it pulls out you wont have to worry about digging through your clothes to see all your belts. This rack can also be used for ties, scarves and even necklaces.

Closet Door Organizer

Install a couple hooks or a plastic door organizer inside your closet door to utilize space that could have otherwise been wasted. Use it to store anything from bandages to shoes and if your closet is already overflowing, stuff the organizer with soft items like socks or stuffed animals which can handle being squished.

Other Tips

  • Invest in a good set of hangers. Cheap wire ones can create weird wrinkles in the shoulders and may eventually bend out of shape.
  • Throw out or donate anything that you no longer use or wear.
  • Rotate items often so that you have a chance to wear all of your clothes and not just the ones at the top.
  • Consciously put items in the proper baskets or on the correct hanger so that you can easily find what you are looking for.
  • Add a light. You will be able to see what you are looking at and you may be less likely to miss something.
  • Add a small step stool so that you can easily see what is on the top shelf.


Word of the Day: Besom Pockets

A pocket sewn inside the garment with access through a welted slit style opening.

Happy Organizing!

AuthorCamille Pacori