The home bar is not only a great way to entertain but it is the perfect place to unwind after a hectic day. Everything is within arms reach so you can easily pour yourself a quick glass of wine or even try your hand at mixing up a fruity cocktail with ten different ingredients. It can also be a great way to display your collection of fine wines or 50 year old scotch.

You don't necessarily need a wet bar with a sink, fridge and bar top to make a statement. If you are limited on space you could condense the bar down to a table top, dresser or even a small stand. Here are a couple ways to make your home bar stand out from the rest.

Good set of Drinkware

A good set of wine, cocktail, and beer glasses can make a whole world of difference. They should be sturdy and free of defects. A cracked or chipped glass is uncomfortable, dangerous and has the potential to cut your guest and no one wants to be stuck with that possibility.

They don't have to be an exact match but they should go well together. Similar colour, style or size would suffice. It may also be easier to track down your drink in the glass is slightly different from the rest.

Bar Tools

A basic bar should have all of the necessary tools for opening and serving standard drinks. A wine corkscrew, beer bottle opener, cocktail shaker and jigger are essential especially when hosting a party. Coasters or napkins, muddlers and straws are not quite as important but enhance your guests experience.

Wine Rack

If you have more than a couple bottles of wine on hand at all times it may be best to invest in a wine rack. It stores your bottles out of the way and puts your collection on display. They come in a variety of sizes, small enough to hold a couple bottles to a full wall cabinet which could hold hundreds. Some sit on the counter top or floor and others can be mounted directly to the wall.


Receiving a drink which has a garnish in it is almost like winning a prize. They are fun and add another element to the drink since they can be eaten. Salt rimming kits and other additional items like umbrellas and stir sticks can also be a fun addition.

Ice Bucket

If you don't happen to have an ice maker in your bar it is a good idea to get an ice bucket. Most people like to add a couple cubes to their drink to keep it cool but don't want to snoop around in the kitchen to find the ice try. A well insulated bucket can keep ice frozen for longer so it can be left on the bar so guests can help them selves.

Word of the Day: Syllabub

A beverage made from a mix of sweetened milk, wine and spices.

Happy Bartending!

AuthorCamille Pacori