When a calendar simply wont do!

Do you find it impossible to keep track of your family? A central command center is a great way to keep track of everyone including yourself. It can be used to organize events, remind you to pay bills, pin notes, track chores and get important messages across to other family members. Missed appointments and forgotten items can be avoided by checking the command center daily. You can even get into the habit of meeting as a family to review all upcoming items so that everyone is on the same page.

Tips for Organizing Your Command Center

Dedicate an entire wall or area for the command center.

A separate area will differentiate between what is and isn't important. Everything urgent will be front and center and if its adhered to the wall it is less likely to be misplaced or forgotten about.

Choose an Appropriate Amount of Space

Organize the center to include items which you will use. There is no point applying baskets, folders and calendar's for each person in your family if they wont use it. The same applies to the other side of the coin so don't try to track everyone on a single small calendar. Using only what you need will create a less cluttered appearance.

Combine Different Elements

Certain elements can only perform one job but if you combine these items into a single command center you will be able to do more. Pin paper to cork, write on a white board and place items into a basket.


Choose a location in your home that every family member visits at least once. The kitchen or living room is an ideal choice as everyone must eat and relax at the end of the day. If it is a location you visit often you are less likely to forget something.

Unique Command Centers

Make your command center unique and fun with these interesting ideas.

Peg Board

You can personalize your board different each and every week. Since you can move the pegs you can arrange the board to best meet your needs.

Chalk Board Wall

An entire wall was painted with chalk board paint and the calendar was painted in different coloured chalk board paint. This allows you to write on and outside the calendar.

Fabric Board

A fabric board takes a step outside the normal realm of the traditional cork board. It is pretty, is decorative and can even match other elements in the same room like pillows or drapes.

Word of the Day: Commode

A low chest of drawers or cabinet with legs which typically stands against a wall.

Happy Commanding!

AuthorCamille Pacori