Do your magazine clippings, fabric samples, photos and notes end up in an old shoe box never to be seen again? Often, you will find unique and beautiful inspiration, throw them into a big pile and within a couple days it will be forgotten about and you will move onto the next thing that catches your eye. This endless cycle of abandoned ideas can be broken by implementing an inspiration board.

Any small and light item can be pinned directly to this board and it can be continuously added to or alternated until you end up with the perfect combination of ideas. This is a great way to manage what you add and keep. If something doesn't fit on the board toss it out.

Ideas for Inspiration

Personal Board

Create a board that you keep in your bedroom for a personal inspiration. Pin clothes clippings, health tips, poems, quotes, pictures of friends, phone numbers and anything that directly inspires your personal life.

Kitchen Recipe Board

If you are like me, you rip out every recipe that you find in any magazine. Before you know it your pile of recipes is so large that you don't even know where to begin and quite often they get shoved inside a drawer never to be made. Choose a smaller board and only pin one recipe for every type of meal. Don't replace it until you have tried it, you never know when you will find a new family favourite.

Decorating & Renovation Board

An inspiration board is a great way to track current design choices. Chances are you will change your mind more than once on a couple different items which can be hard to keep track of. Every time a new colour choice is made or new backsplash is chosen replace that item on your board.

What you will be left with is a collage like board which will work to inspire you and everyone else who sees it. The ideas on these boards are more likely to be put in motion if they are seen everyday. Inspiration is the beginning of greater things.

Word of the day: Eclectic

Selection of a number of individual elements originating from a variety of sources, systems or styles.

Happy Collecting!

AuthorCamille Pacori