Make your laundry room work harder for you so that you don't have to!

Lets face it, no one likes doing the laundry. Its boring, tedious and can be a little smelly. The repetitive action of sorting colours, stain removal, washing and drying, hanging delicates and folding can be quite monotonous which in turn can drain motivation. By adding a couple simple elements to your laundry room you can create a more efficient system for washing clothes and you may learn to not hate much.

Folding Station

A large counter space or central island can make the job of folding a breeze. Garments can be folded as soon as they come out of the dryer so that it is impossible for them to wrinkle which will motivate you to fold right away.

If you are tight on space install a wall mounted fold down table which you can use only when you need to fold.

Laundry Sink

A sink is a great laundry room addition. If you need to presoak your clothes or remove a stain prior to washing you can do it right in the laundry room. This will keep your other sinks in your house free from soggy clothes and smelly socks and will contain a wet mess.

A large sink with a deep basin is a preferred option since it can hold more and water is less likely to splash over the rim.

Laundry Essentials Storage

Laundry soap, stain remover and fabric softener are used every time you do a load of laundry so chances are you do not put these away ever time. Instead, store these items inside clear apothecary jar as a simple yet beautiful storage solution. They will always be on hand and look great.

Task Mat

Place a mat where you stand the most. This will save your feet from a cold hard surface and this may make the experience a little more enjoyable. Choose a well cushioned or memory foam mat for ultimate comfort.

Air Freshener

While most of you would agree that the laundry room usually smells amazing there can be times when it is not so fresh. A room air fresher will keep the space smelling wonderful all the time even when your are sorting dirty gym clothes.

Fill a bowl or basket with scented potpourri or place an automatic spray air freshener for all day freshness. Or light a candle, only when you are in the room.

Drying Rack

You may have a couple delicate garments that must be air dried to extend its life. A simple fold out drying rack, wall mounted hanger or single pole are an essential element that cannot be forgotten about. If you are short on space these really neat pull down racks make a wonderful alternate to the standard options.

Word of the Day: Calico Cotton

Unbleached and often not fully processed cotton.

Happy washing!


AuthorCamille Pacori