Preparing for Christmas!

We are officially one month away from Christmas! I promised myself that I wouldn't start talking about the holidays until November 25th. I have to wait no more as its finally here. It really is amazing how fast time flies because we are so close that if you haven't thought about gift buying or Christmas dinners you may want to start considering these things.

While I am sure some of you are like me and procrastinate until the very last minute there are a couple of you who already have most purchased most of the gifts needed for your family and friends. You might even be considering wrapping these items as soon as you have the house to yourself for a couple hours. This is why I wanted to kick off the Christmas posts with gift wrapping stations.

By setting up a space in your home as a permanent wrapping station you will be able to quickly wrap anything new that you bring home. You wont have to lug out all of your supplies every time and there is less of a chance that someone with curious eyes will accidently see what they are getting. No one wants to ruin the surprise that awaits them Christmas morning.

Gift Wrapping Station Inspiration

Organize Materials

It doesn't matter if you hang your supplies on the wall or store them in a drawer as long as they are organized. Sort wrapping paper by theme or holiday so that you are not digging through trying to remember where you put your favourite paper. Move ribbon and bows into a separate area, bin or spool. Put tape in a dispenser for easy access and have scissors close by for quick snips.

Wrapping Station

Isolate a separate space for your wrapping station. Choose an area that is rarely used by other members in the house like a craft room, office, laundry room or set up a temporary desk to be used until after the holidays. Avoid high traffic areas like the kitchen island, dining room table or living room as things are more likely to go missing and you would have to clean up after every wrapping session.

Get Creative

Use different materials for wrapping gifts. Newsprint, magazine pages, doilies and fabric are a unique change from traditional wrapping paper. Try your hand at making your own bows, use stickers instead of tape or draw on blank paper to create your own design. It will be torn to pieces anyways so have fun with it...unless your recipient is like me and carefully peels the tape off to preserve it for later use.

Word of the Day: Barium Sulfate (in paper)

A substance used as a standard for white paper.

Happy Wrapping!

AuthorCamille Pacori