Fun and funky Christmas decorations add a unique flare to your holiday décor. If you would like to mix things up and try something new take the plunge and purchase something you would normally shy away from. Step outside your comfort zone with these different and interesting ornaments.

Paper Pendants

While these paper ornaments can be found at the Etsy shop PaperStatement you could try your hand at making these. They are simplistic, neutral and slightly antique. They could be added to any Christmas décor without looking out of place.

Christmas Taxi

As soon as I saw this all I could wonder is why. It is a very unique and different ornament which will make your guest stop and think. It makes sense if you buy this for someone who drives a taxi. If not, it is definitely a different ornament.

Love of Popcorn

This super cute popcorn ornament is absolutely adorable. The fine intricate details add charm to your tree and it will be cherished for years to come.

Christmas Sweaters

While some of you may enjoy wearing the homemade sweaters that you receive each year, you cannot deny that they can be a little tacky. Well fear no more, you can now enjoy your Christmas sweater without actually wearing them.

The Pickle

Nothing says Christmas festivities quite like a pickle. You have probably already seen these around as they have become quite popular and they come in a number of sizes, colours and you can even get them glittered.

Hammered Copper Star

Add a rustic flare to your Christmas décor with aged copper ornaments.

Word of the Day: Mulled Wine

Hot spiced wine beverage drank during the Christmas holidays.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori