Now that Halloween has come and gone most people start talking about the Christmas holidays. Decorations are already filling the stores and gift ideas are floating around. While I do enjoy the season I am not quite ready yet to embrace the endless bombardment of Christmas music, flashy decorations and piles of terribly delicious food. That is why I have decided to hold off on providing you with some Christmas inspiration as there is plenty of time for that. 

Even though it is early there already is plenty of snow on the ground and with that comes big winter jackets, toques, and boots. All of this extra clothing and foot wear really cramps up the front entrance and trying to find storage solutions that will incorporate well into the available space can be quite the task. These entrance storage solutions should get you on your way to a well organized entrance.

Built-in Cubby Hole

A built in cubby hole is a great idea if space is permitting. This millwork is a beautiful element that allows everyone to have their own space and it keeps the entrance tidy since there is a special place for everything.

Under Stair Storage

If your front entrance is small and you are limited on storage, think outside the box and install under stair pull out drawers.  This is typically unused space which could increase your available storage space.

Sleek Coat Hangers

Looking for a simplistic coat hanger? Choose these fold away wall hangers that only need to be open when needed.

Storage Bench

A storage bench is the perfect dual purpose piece of furniture for the front entrance. It does double duty as storage and a place for you to put on your shoes. There is not wasted space with this item.

Word of the Day: Double doweled

Two wooden pegs inserted into both sides of the frame for a stronger construction. 

Happy Decorating! 

AuthorCamille Pacori