The front entrance is the passage way to your personal life so it is fitting to make this a statement of your unique personality. Below are some unique elements that you can add to your front entrance to make it one of a kind.

Mail Box

Custom made mail boxes can be an artistic expression of your personal style. Different materials, metals and hardware are combined to make a truly unique box that is likely to be noticed since it is something that people will interact with even when you are not home.

The copper on this mail box below naturally patinas over time so it is constantly changing and the inlay adds a hint of purple and green.

One of a Kind Door Handle

Since the front door is a focal piece you can put hardware on it that is different from the rest of the home. Find reclaimed hardware or repurpose items to be used as a handle to add character and personality.

Old pipes create an industrial and rustic handle set which would work well in a barn, cabin or loft space.

Funky House Numbers

Since you must have numbers on your house you might as well have fun with it. Choose a unique colour, shape or size to compliment your home. Make them smooth or add texture and have them glow at night. Something unique will be easily seen but no matter what you plan to do make sure it is legible and large enough to be easily read from the street.

Entrance Mat

An entrance mat is a welcoming place to wipe your feet. One can be placed outside as a way to clean most of the mud, water and debris from your footwear and one can be place inside to catch any additional moisture. This will keep your floors cleaner and is a gentle reminder for your guests to wipe their feet.

Any material can be used as a floor mat as long as it has an absorbent backing to catch any water.  

Word of the Day: Patina

A thin green layer typically seen on copper that forms as a result of oxidization and corrosion. 

Happy Decorating! 

AuthorCamille Pacori