If you have a beloved furry family member in your home you may have struggled to incorporate a pet bed into the surrounding décor. They are big, bulky and can create an eyesore in the room and chances are they don't match your current style. While you can still get plain rectangular pet beds, options have evolved to include every type of style, shape and colour possible.

Sleek Contemporary Pet Bed 

This low, sleek and streamline pet bed easily incorporates into a contemporary or modern space. Its low enough it could probably be stored under an average bedframe but it looks good enough to be left out and on display. I personally wouldn't choose white ever but at least it would keep your furry friend off the bed.

Hidden Bench Pet Bed

Hiding a pet bed inside a bench is a clean and tidy option. It keeps the bed out of view and since it is already a piece of your furniture it will match your décor.

Converting a Kennel

If you kennel your dog during the day while you are gone you may want to convert it into a side table. It will perform as a dual purpose piece of furniture and wont take up any extra space. Avoid doing this if your pet moves around a lot inside as this may knock over anything on the table.

Luggage Pet Bed

This is currently a popular option. A repurposed luggage pet bed is a retro option and all materials can be found at a second hand store.

Oak Barrel Pet Bed

This would be perfect for a cabin or rustic cottage. 

Murphy Pet Bed

This fold out pet bed is a great space saver for small rooms. 

Word of the Day: Kick Pleat

Tailored pleated skirt on the bottom of upholstered pieces.

Happy Sleeping! 

AuthorCamille Pacori