This project post is a little late today; I guess its better late than never. It has been a hectic week as it was my parents anniversary on Wednesday plus I was summoned for jury duty on Friday. This of course is on top of my already crazy busy job pushing for end of year sales.

Thankfully, I wasn't selected to be on the jury as that meant I would have been sequestered for three weeks. I couldn't handle being away from my life for that long and I don't think my boss would be too happy. It all worked out in my favour so I am able to provide you with this Remembrance Day Poppy craft.

Poppy Craft


  • Coffee Filters
  • Paint, felts or pencil crayon ( I used watercolour paints ) 
  • Glue
  • Pipe cleaner or green paper for stem

First, paint the coffee filters a reddish orange colour. I didn't have this exact shade so I layered two different colours to achieve what I wanted. Make sure that you have something underneath your coffee filter as the paint will go right through onto your work surface. You could probably use any kind of paper but I like the delicate texture of the filter.


Next, let your coffee filters dry completely and since they are so thin it wont take very long. I then cut out petal shapes in three different sizes and finished them by crumpling and rolling the pieces so that the flower would have depth.


For the center of the flower I painted one coffee filter black, let it dry and crumpled it into a ball. At this point I was able to assemble the flower. Make sure to put your largest petals at the very back and smallest at the front to create a layered effect.  Once it is all put together fold the petals forward to enhance the depth and texture.


Once I was happy with the way it looked I added yellow beads on short jewelry wire to represent the stamen. You could omit this step but I wanted to add a little something extra too it. I then rolled up a green piece of construction paper and attached it to the flower to act as a stem.


Here is another shot of the flower in decorative lighting.


Word of the Day: Stamen

The pollen producing reproductive part of a flower. 

Happy Crafting! 

AuthorCamille Pacori