Birthday Celebration

It has been a couple days since I have posted anything new. I had every intention of attempting a new project yesterday but life got in the way and there simply was just not enough time. The plan was to post a drink recipe in celebration of my birthday but instead I decided to just drink the beverage and enjoy the night. I feel a little weird if I don't post a blog for the day but my birthday celebration was absolutely worth it.

We started our night at Beer Revolution for dinner and drinks. Its a craft microbrewery beer house but instead of drinking the liquid gold I settled for a very strong martini called the Woo Woo. It was peachy deliciousness that went down all to fast! We then ordered the Bavarian pretzels and Wilbur pizza. All I can say is that the sauce that comes with the pretzels was by far the best thing I have ever eaten; it was so good I considered drinking it. We finished the night by heading over to Marquee for some dancing. Its a new club which is at the location of the old Back Alley and is a much nicer venue that wasn't overly crowded.

Christmas Decorations

After recovering from the night of celebration I decided it was time to put up my tree and decorate it. The tree I own is a white 4ft tall faux fir which is perfect for placing on the table which keeps it out of reach from all of our pets. Setting it up took a total of 5 minutes but I absolutely adore it.


I have very few non traditional ornaments as I love a simplistic appearance. The balls are a soft blue and pink which are very reminiscent of cotton candy. I do plan to acquire more and craft a couple ornaments in the next couple weeks. 


I currently have a lone reindeer which I found at the annual spruce meadows Christmas craft sale. The name of the particular store escapes me but it had cowboy themed decorations and it is quite possible it was called Cowboy Christmas.


Do you decorate with traditional or unique Christmas colours? Do you prefer a real or fake tree? I plan to get a real tree in the next year or two because I think it would smell amazing.

Word of the Day: Frankincense

An aromatic resin from the Boswellia Thurifera tree used in incense and perfume.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori