After perusing the mall looking for a Christmas inspired door wreath I realized that I could not bring myself to spend the $60 plus that most stores want for something like that. Being a thrifty and creative person I decided there was no other option than to make one myself. Total cost of my homemade wreath was about $15!

Easy Ball Wreath


  • Thick cardboard
  • Hot glue gun
  • Christmas ball ornaments. I used exactly 50
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • circular objects that you can trace

Start by tracing a fairly large circle with a smaller circle inside. I used an old protein powder container for the smaller circle but had to freehand the larger one. Once you are happy with the size cut the entire thing out. You should be left with a wreath shape but alternately you could use a store bought form.

Mine turned out a little wonky which is okay since it doesn't have to be perfect. The ball ornaments create a sort of bumpy and uneven wreath either way.


Now for the fun part! Start by gluing the outside ring of ornaments so that they hang slightly over the edge of the cardboard. Then complete the inside ring the same way. Point the ornament caps inward towards the cardboard as you don't want them visible when complete.


You can then fill in any remaining gaps with the rest of the balls. My front door is metal so I may just attach some strong magnets to the back of the cardboard so that it can be easy removed at the end of the season.


Here is the finished wreath. One thing I noticed is that there are some larger gaps which makes the cardboard fully visible underneath. I think very small balls would fill these spaces in nicely for a more finished look. Alternately you could paint the cardboard a similar colour prior to attaching any balls.


Word of the Day: Pontil Mark

Small bump at the bottom of a handmade ornament where it was cut from the cane of glass.

Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori