A warm and welcoming holiday entrance can be created whether you choose an extravagant or subtle approach. Bright and flashy ornaments create an exciting and festive entrance whereas subtler decorations hint at a quiet and relaxing holiday. No matter how you choose to decorate your entrance use these inspirations to get started in the right direction.

Subtle Decorations

Neutral Wreaths

A natural wreath made from neutral colours is a simple way to add a hint of Christmas cheer. They go with any colour scheme and can be used long after Christmas. Fir, pine cones, twigs and berries make an absolutely stunning wreath. Add ribbon for a slightly more festive wreath.

Christmas Greenery

Red pots filled with seasonal greenery create a beautiful entrance display that not only look good but fill the air with the scent of pine or fir. You could display these inside as well.

Subtle yet Unique

This quaint entrance is created by adding an antique sled and skates. These elements encompass the entire season of winter so they could be displayed long before and after Christmas.

Extravagant Decorations

Glittered Wreath

Sparkly tinsel and shiny ornaments adorn this entrance in the form of a wreath. Choose traditional colours or try different colour combinations for a focal point that will catch everyone's attention. Add bells and other gilded elements for a unique and flashy entrance.


A magical entrance can be achieved with the use of Christmas lights. Use them to line the walk way, arches and door way for a stunningly beautiful light display. One colour of light will create a jaw dropping statement.

Grand Entrance

Two fully decorated trees, ribbon, wreaths, bows and bells create a sensational grand entrance.

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Happy Decorating!

AuthorCamille Pacori