I have been wanting to make paper ornaments since the anticipation of Christmas started back in November. They are inexpensive and fairly easy to make depending what you do. I found them to be a little time consuming and not as forgiving because there is not many options for repairing torn paper.

I decided to start with an accordion style ornament ball so I pulled out my pink and blue coloured craft paper. My Christmas colour scheme is soft pink and light blue which you may think will look babyish but it looks beautiful against my white tree.

I didn't take any pictures of the process simply because I got slightly frustrated which caused me to forget about my camera.


Accordion Ornament Process

  1. Start by cutting out 18 circles in the size of your choice. The larger the circles the easier it will be to put together and the smaller you go the more tedious it seems to be.
  2. Next, fold each circle in half and glue a small spot one third down and one third up along the curved edge. I used a glue stick which seemed to work okay but a small brush or dropper of glue may work better. You want the area glued to be as small as possible while still creating a strong hold as it must stand up to a slight pull when you open the accordion.
  3. Glue each folded circle to one another at the tip of the center point on the curved edge and continue doing this until all half circles are attached to one another.
  4. Let dry a couple hours or over night and once completely dry you can open up the accordion and glue together the ends. Use a paper clip to hold these edges together until they dry.
  5. Attach a ribbon or string so that you can hang it.


  • Use a strong fast drying glue that will not wrinkle the paper. Super glue may be a good option as long as you are careful.
  • Thinner paper works the best. I started by trying this with a thick cardstock and realized it was a terrible idea when the accordion ornament wouldn't open up.
  • Use a paper shape punch to save time. The longest process was cutting out 18 circles which was a little mind numbing.
  • Don't rush and let the glue fully dry. If you try to open the ornament prematurely chances are it will break.

Word of the Day: Hot pressed paper

Smooth paper that is produced by pressing a finished sheet through hot cylinders.

Happy Crafting!

AuthorCamille Pacori