Designing a beautiful space with comfort in mind can be a little daunting. For example, a contemporary or modern space can feel cold and sterile. The straight lines and small furniture give you the sense that you cannot put your feet up and relax. With a traditional room the furniture is oversized, warm and inviting but has the tendency to feel stuffy. Any room has the potential to look and be comfortable but every little detail must be considered. I have outlined a couple things below to achieve two different types of comfort

Things you can do to create a warm and inviting space.

Paint: When choosing an off white colour I would recommend using a cream with a very slight yellow, orange or red tint. You may not even be able to pick up the underlying colour but it will make the whole room feel warmer. Toned or muted warm colours can also create warmth but I wouldn't go to bright as this may get your heart rate up and cause excitement which is no longer warm but spicy hot.

Décor: Wicker, heavy fabrics, grasses, bamboo, old books, picture frames, natural or stained woods and large pieces of art.

What you can do to create a fresh, clean and calming atmosphere. 

Paint: Using a very light cool colour like mint green, soft blue or light violet will give a calm spa like feel. I find that neutral colours, taupe, browns, deep greens can also have a calming effect as these are colours found in nature. If you are anything like me you will know how amazing it feels to be in the mountains camping or hiking along a trail. It brings me back to reality which is grounding and you may have the same experience with these colours. (Little tidbit: My favourite colour is brown)

Décor: Glass vases, thin framed mirrors, light painted furniture, satin nickel hardware and sheer or thin drapes.

A lot of these items are interchangeable and can be used in different ways to create a completely new atmosphere. Sometimes, all you need to do is move some furniture around or add a couple accessories. The simplest thing you can do is incorporate a couple plants or flowers which will naturally brighten a room. Now, if you take care of plants like I do I might recommended that you stay away from potted plants and stick to fresh cut flowers as they are easier. Also, stay away from fake plants. Most people can tell when they are fake and they will collect dust which is very stuffy.

Comfort should be top priority whether you are going for calm and cool or warm and inviting.

AuthorCamille Pacori