So I went camping this weekend for the first time this summer. It was really nice to get away from the big crazy city and just slow right down and enjoy the great out doors. The weather was pretty good except for the one night it rained until 10 am, though I love sleeping to the sound of rain. The best part was cooking over an open fire.

Mmm bacon!

I have been wanting a cast iron skillet for a while because of how well they can cook food over the fire. I finally got one specifically for this camping trip with a slab of bacon. Let me tell you, that was the best bacon I have ever had. I don't know if it was because of the fresh air or the beer but it was awesome.

Not everything about this trip was awesome though. I have been camping quite a few times before but was never the one to pack so it was definitely a new experience for me. Lets just say some things were forgotten...very important things. We slept without pillows! I never realized how much I love my pillow until I didn't have one. We also forgot rain gear, thank goodness that the rain stopped or I would have been soaked. There were also a couple small things that would have been awesome to have like a can opener, or hotdog sticks. We ended up whittling one out of a piece of fire wood which ended up working like a charm. With all of these mistakes made and things forgotten I was trying to figure out how camping can relate to interior decorating. I know it sounds odd but feel like most things in this world do relate to one another.  

Decorating, just like camping may not always work out the way you want the first go around...or even the second go around. Planning is essential and you may have everything figured out and written down but believe me there will always be something that is forgotten. It might be something small like an area rug or something very important like lighting. Decorating a room is a completely new experience as no one has the exact same taste or requirements, but like anything the more you do the better you get and the less you will forget. I'm also a huge believer in learning from your mistakes.

Lets say you painted a wall colour and only after completing the second coat and putting all of your supplies away you realize you hate the colour. Even after trying to live with it for two weeks you still hate it and there are only a couple things you can do. You can either live with it and hate it for the rest of its life or you can repaint. I suspect you would repaint and learn to take your time when choosing a paint colour and maybe going as far as painting one wall with a tester can. Taking longer to decide can save you a ton of work and time in the long run. (Little tidbit: If you do not like a freshly painted wall colour give it two weeks. This is a typical amount of time for someone to like the new colour. If its longer then two weeks and you still hate it chances are you never will.)

You may make a mistake or forget something but you will learn from it and continue to improve. Sometimes this may be the only way to move forward. Just like I have learned to bring my pillow camping next time.

AuthorCamille Pacori