Window Coverings

This is a huge generalization as there are many types, styles and operations which really do differentiate quite a bit from one another.  This includes:

  1. Thin or wide vinyl and metal slatted blinds
  2. vinyl roller blinds
  3. bamboo roll up blinds
  4. fabric roman shades
  5. bamboo roman shades  
  6. Wood blinds
  7. Faux wood blinds
  8. drapes
  9. sheer drapes
  10. blackout drapes
  11. Fabric or wood valances  

The list can go on forever and it doesn't even touch base on the styles, patterns, fabrics, colours or hardware available. There would be a novel if I discussed each one tonight so I thought I would start with how to layer window treatments. 

Layering Window Treatments

Pretty much any interior decorator will tell you to combine and layer your drapery with a set of blinds. This will create depth and dress up what was once a boring window with some personality. Since there are so many different styles of windows coverings available you will have no trouble matching to your personal style.

How to layer

First you need to decide how much privacy you would like as this will determine what drapes and blinds you use. For little to no privacy you may want to use a thin shade with a very light sheer drape as this will allow more light through. For a room that requires medium privacy you would want to use a semi-transparent shade, wood slatted blinds or roll up bamboo blinds with 2 side panels that do not cover the entire window. The ultimate privacy will require a honeycomb shade with a thick and heavy drape which will span the entire window. You could possibly even use a black out drape which will let no light through. Combining low and high privacy on one window is another option. During the day you could use a sheer shade and at night pull the thick drape across the entire window. This will allow you to have the best of both worlds.

Once you know what type of privacy you require you then can start layering. There is the potential to layer up to 4 different treatments on one window.

  1.  Blinds or shades installed inside the window frame
  2. Sheer drape on inner rod
  3. heavier drapes on the second rod
  4. valance over the entire top as a finishing piece

Now I don't want you to go gung-ho and cover every window in the home with 4 different treats as that may be a little excessive. Treatments can vary from one room to the next as long as they are consistent within the same room or are within close proximity to one another. It is quite common to only one a blind or shade in the kitchen and bathroom and 2-3 treatments in the living and dining room. Do what feels and looks right as sometimes less is more.

I have decided at the end of each post I will do Word of the Day. I am going to start with a word that I used yesterday.

Chachka: An inexpensive figurine or trinket with no personal value.


AuthorCamille Pacori