Painted Side table

So I thought I would share a project with you that I tackled a month ago. It was something that I have been wanting to do for a while as I was in need for two new bedside tables and I like to think of myself as being quite crafty. A friend of ours was going to throw out a couple old but decent side tables so I thought I would save him the trouble of running to the dump and took them off his hands.

Dinged, scratched, dusty and old. You may wonder how this could ever look good again but you would be surprised what a couple coats of paint can do.

Terrible photo.

First, I removed the ugly old hardware but put it in a safe place. I didn't plan on reusing it for this project but its always good to hang onto something like this. Hardware can be quite expensive and this set can be updated with a coat of metal paint or silver leaf. Second, I pulled the drawers out, gave it a very light sanding and cleaned it inside and out. The plan was to fill holes and dents with wood filler but decided that this gave the piece some character and knew it wouldn't bug me at all. Third, I mixed up my chalk paint recipe that you can find HERE  and started the process of actually painting the side table. I chose to use a synthetic paint brush as they seem to work just fine with latex paint. Now, the colour was a hard choice. The thought of using white, cream, lavender, grey, brown all crossed my mind multiple times but I wanted to do something different and exciting. Deciding to step out of my comfort zone I went with the colour Vitamin C from the Rona Collection paint line. Below you will see the completed side table.


Keep in mind that a colour like this has so much pigment in it that it will require double the coats of paint. A white colour would have been completed with two coats but this took me four complete coats of paint and It probably could have handled one more in some spots. After dried and cured they were buffed with a couple coats of Minwax natural wax and 4 cheap plastic knobs were installed. I am completely happy with the way these turned out and have been living with these for about a month now and do not regret it one bit. You can even see the old dents and scratches but I kind of like it.



All said and done each side table took me about 4 hours to complete and maybe a total of $10. The biggest commitment was my time but since I usually just come home and relax after work I thought I could probably handle putting in an hour or two each night.

Word of the Day: Antiquing

To intentionally distress an object or surface to simulate age.


AuthorCamille Pacori