Yard Sales

I went yard sailing today in search of my next upcycling project. It is sad to say that I came back empty handed. There was only enough time in my day for me to visit four different sales and realized that is not nearly enough. I always forget that it takes time, patience and many hours of searching to find the perfect item. Timing is also a huge aspect of finding second hand gems. The last stop I made was a huge disappointment because a very lovely dresser had been snatched up just minutes before I got there. I actually saw the lucky lady lifting it into her vehicle just as I was parking.

I cant let things like this get me down as I know there is always next weekend and another time to search for the perfect item.

Word of the Day: Yard Sailing

The art of visiting a large number of yard sales in a short amount of time. 

AuthorCamille Pacori