Choosing a Front Door

The front door to your home can say a lot about your personality as it is either a focal point, or blends in with the surroundings. It can be loud, bright and inviting or dark, heavy and secure and it may just set the tone for what you may find inside.

Country Door

I really like the red door pictured below as it is very warm and inviting. It has a rustic cottage country feel to it. I suspect you would find painted furniture which has been lovingly worn, a warm wooden floor and a comfy day bed with the possibility of doilies and rooster figurines.  

This door would work well on a cottage or cabin but could make a striking impression on an inner city home. 

Sleek and Contemporary  

Straight unique lines and deep stained wood create a sophisticated, classy and clean door without feeling cold. If you were to step through this door I can guarantee you would walk into a bright space with concrete, stainless steel, leather and geometric artwork.

The best place for this door would be a modern or contemporary home with many horizontal and vertical elements.

Traditional and Sturdy  

A heavy yet intricate and detailed door creates an aire of wealth. The warm woods and large custom trim work draw you in with the anticipation to see more. Through these doors there would be marble, wingback chairs, a fireplace and crystal chandeliers.

Used in high end traditional and elaborate homes as a show case and focal point.

Where to Start

Finding the perfect door for your home can be a little daunting. Start by looking through magazines, driving around the neighbourhood and looking online to get an idea of what you like. Once you find something, compare it with the style of your home. Do not mix a traditional door with a contemporary home or vise versa as it may just look bulky and out of place. Find something that compliments your home and then decide if it will be a focal point or if it will blend in. Use colour and hardware to make a statement. Don't be afraid of using red, orange or black as these can be very beautiful and if colour concerns you, go with a colour two or three shades darker then the colour of your house.

Word of the Day: Vaneer

A thin sheet of wood sliced from a log. Can range in thickness from 1/40 inch to 1/90 inch and is typically applied to a cheaper wood to give the appearance of a luxurious solid wood.