I think five days of windows and door was probably enough for a while as I am getting the urge to talk about something different. The original idea was to complete a 6 or 7 day segment plus a project but feel as if that may be to much, so I will now be reserving Saturday and Sunday for projects.

Toilet Paper Rolls

I have been saving toilet paper rolls for a while with the anticipation of completing an art project. My walls could use some more art and I need to start using these rolls up before my bedroom becomes overrun.

I always start by looking online for similar projects. There are plenty of photos for inspiration and a couple blogs with instructions from start to finish. I found a really good instructional at cutoutandkeep.net which you can get to by clicking HERE. She creates a piece using metallic spray paint which gives the appearance of wrought iron. Simple, pretty and whimsical, I love it! The fact that it costs next to nothing is also a huge bonus.

Toilet Paper Roll Art Inspiration

Below is a uniform yet asymmetrical piece with small hits of colour. You only need to paint 1 out of every 10 rolls which means you can get it up on your wall quicker. 

I also found this organic symmetrical piece. This looks store bought...and it may be. That is the awesome thing about DIY projects. You can take something that cost next to nothing, something you would just throw in the recycling bin and use it to replicate a beautiful, usually expensive piece of art.

I know the photo below is a completely different material but you can take the look and convert in into toilet paper rolls. Use the rolls to create swirls that intertwine with each other. Paint it white and place it on a while wall. Do any colour tone on tone. Use these as inspiration and don't expect it to look the same. Try combining many different looks into one. Don't hold back, have fun and do what feels right.

I will be attempting this project tomorrow and will share with you my journey in a series of photos and instructions. I hope that I can inspire you.

Word of the Day: Provenance  

Record of ownership for a work of art from the time it leaves the artist studio to its present locations thus creating an unbroken ownership history.  

AuthorCamille Pacori