Outdated Bathrooms

No mater how well you maintain your bathroom it will eventually need to be renovated. Hardware, tile and fixtures will crack or chip, colours will become bland and styles will be outdated. Families grow and lifestyles change. Bathrooms that were once comfortable and relaxing become cramped and awkward. Since this is a room that everyone visits multiple times a day, it should be an enjoyable experience.

Sometimes a small renovation is all you need. A new vanity, a high efficiency toilet, a new wall colour. But sometimes a full overhaul is required to get the bathroom working for you. For this weeks segment I will be covering every aspect of bathroom renovations.

Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

The first thing you need to do before taking the plunge is think of what you dislike about your current bathroom. What would you like changed and what's not working very well.  Do you need more storage? Does the toilet not flush very well? Is the tile cracked, ugly and old? If you decide that everything is terrible and needs to be changed then shift your focus to the location of the toilet, sink and tub/shower. Does the bathroom flow together well or do things need to be moved? Think about your lifestyle. Is there a large soaker tub that you never use or a bidet that you wouldn't even consider touching, or is this something you would like to add. 

Start a clip file once you know what you need. Pull pages from magazine or use an online clip board like www.houzz.com. Both sources have great ideas that you can bring out once you are ready to start shopping. You may even find something that you wouldn't have thought of but would love to incorporate.

Unknowns of remodeling

The best advise no matter what kind of renovation your undertaking is “hope for the best, plan for the worst“.  You may uncover hidden damage once you start removing walls, fixtures and lighting. A leaky pipe behind the shower wall, bad electrical wiring or rotted floors. All of things that you cannot just cover up. Fixing these issues can have a huge hit on your wallet if you are not prepared but if you plan and expect these problems you will then not be shocked to find them.

Finding the Right Contractor

The last thing you need to carefully consider is who will be doing the work. Do you plan on hiring a contractor or will you do the work yourself? You may decide to do the work yourself to lower the budget but you need to ask yourself if you actually have time or the patience. If you don't know a thing about renovating It may actually extend your timeline and cause you to go over budge and you may even need to hire someone to come in after to fix anything you had trouble with.

When using contractors make sure to do your homework. Read reviews, ask family and friends. Try to find a contractor that someone you know has used. Once you have found the right contractor don't disconnect yourself completely from the renovation. Make sure to check in, keep track of budget and make final decision on finishes.     

Word of the Day: Bidet

A low basin like fixture with a spigot used for cleansing your nethers.

AuthorCamille Pacori