Creating a Layout

A properly planned layout is essential to the function of your bathroom. You don't want to be completing your renovation and then realize the door swings into the toilet, or the drawer cant open because a towel rack sits in the way. Since bathrooms are typically the smallest room in the house, every detail needs to be carefully considered.

First decide what you really want and create a list with the most important items at the top. Then the hard part, figuring out if you even have room for some of these important items, because no matter how well you plan, something's just wont fit. The best way of figuring out if you have room is to plan on paper.

Plan on paper

Accurately measure the walls, vanity, tub or shower, doors, windows and draw a scaled plan of your current bathroom with all fixtures. This will give you a good idea of how much space you really have. Also, if you don't plan on moving plumbing then your new bathroom fixtures will have to be placed in the same location. Sometimes plumbing does need to be moved for the optimum layout.

The other two items that usually never get moved are the door and window locations. You will need to work around these items and integrate them into the design. Can the bathtub fit underneath the window? Which way does the door swing and can that be changed to allow for better flow? Can the window be changed to a waterproof option sit inside the shower?

Another thing to consider when planning is the surrounding rooms. Maybe a wall could be moved to allow for a bigger bathroom. Or closet space can be opened up to allow for a larger shower. Moving walls can be a huge cost but can really improve the options available.

Once you know how much space you really have, you can start drawing the new set of plans. Move things around and try different combinations. Envision yourself using a couple different layouts and ask yourself: Is there enough space between the toilet and wall? Is the towel rack close enough to the shower, or would you need to step out to reach it? Is there enough storage and where can I add more? Look at every fixture and decide if it works there or if it needs to move.

Planning may be least favourite step towards a new bathroom but it will really set you up for a beautiful and properly executed renovation. Once you have completed this step you can then move onto the fun part, choosing fixtures, tiles, hardware and lighting! 

Word of the Day:  Demilune

A term used to describe crescent shaped bathroom vanities.

AuthorCamille Pacori