I am very excited as this is my very first blog post ever. This is something that I have been dreaming about for the last two years but was not even sure where to begin. I finally got the courage and decided that it was time. Since I plan on writing about design and interior decorating I thought what better way to kick things off then tell you about my own style.

My style is constantly evolving and it seems that every day I like something different. When I was younger I really enjoyed themed rooms so much that I redecorated my room in an African Safari theme with lots of leopard print. I couldn't imagine ever decorating a theme room for myself again but wouldn't mind a couple accent pillows in that fabulous print.

 Childhood Leopard Print room

Childhood Leopard Print room

Currently I am in love with contemporary homes with splashes of rustic accents. Imagine delicate phantom clear chairs around a very heavy beat up barn table. It is two completely different sides of the coin coming together in chaotic harmony. Here is the interesting part, I wouldn't say that I have a defined style. Actually, I would be shocked if anyone said they have a defined style. This is a very fluid part of our lives that is constantly morphing, changing and recycling which is why most of us could handle having their kitchen updated at least every 10 years. I suspect that in a year from today I will love something completely different and I am very excited to see what that will be. 

This year is pretty exciting as I will not only be talking to you about design but I will be attempting an array of DIY projects with instructions and photos. This will include every thing from décor, artwork and furniture to painting techniques. I am very excited and hope you can join my in this journey.

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