Rules. What can I say, no one likes them. They can feel restricting or even suffocating. I mean come on, who doesn't want to go 200 km/h down the highway after stealing a baby penguin. That sounds a whole lot more exciting then driving the speed limit with no baby penguin, but believe me rules can be good. They keep us out of trouble and stop us from taking those cute little flightless birds. That being said rules are sometimes meant to be broken.

I will start by listing a few design rules, why they are good to follow and how to break them.

1. 60/30/10 mixing by percentage

This really can apply to pretty much every aspect of interior decorating whether it is mixing colour, furniture or styles. It is recommended that you choose one main colour for the larger spaces which is most likely wall colour or flooring, about 60%. Next you would chose a secondary colour for furniture, area rugs or anything that is approximately 30%. Lastly you would chose your accent colour for décor, vases, occasional chairs and smaller pieces, 10%. Following this rule will give you a very visually appealing space. It won't look cluttered or out of place and you can pull any one of these colours into the adjoining rooms for a smoother flow.  

Break that rule

Instead of 3 colours use 5 or 6 or more if you feel like you can work them together. Or go in the opposite direction and use one colour in different shades and tints in a monochromatic theme. You could also change the percentage to 80/10/10 or 40/30/30 or even 60/39/1. I really think colour is something that you can have fun with as long as you do what feels right. 

2. Group décor in odd number

This applies to both clustered or spaced décor, artwork, books, picture frames and pretty much anything that you put on a shelf, table or floor.   

 Vases grouped in 3s

Vases grouped in 3s

Even though this is very minor I still think you should break that rule.

It is simple enough, you just need to remove or add one more item. Two very large pieces of artwork overtop a sofa would look really striking. Four vases lined up in a row on a book shelf or sofa table would give a symmetrical feel or if you really want to mix things up then you can do what I did below with two vases off to one side.

Asymmetrical vase display
Asymmetrical vase display

Okay, so I know that was not really a list of rules but there are so many that I could not possibly cover them all in one night. I will have a couple more for you next week which we will now call Monday night rule breaker! I should also have a couple DIY projects for you on the weekend. I would love to know what rules you like to break.

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